Richard Wolfströme MISTD FRSA AoU

Creative director Richard Wolfströme is an award-winning creative, with over 28 years’ experience, having graduated from the much respected Ravensbourne College of Design & Communication in 1987.

He has a wide body of work that spans many sectors and where he has been relentless in furthering information graphic design and typography by continually challenging the technical and creative disciplines. Primary strength lies in determining how to communicate information optimally across different media – from print to screen to installation.

His specialism is in cultural placemaking and wayfinding which allows him to explore and develop unique design solutions for our towns, cities and landscapes. He develops narrative wayfaring and interventions that give a sense of ownership and meaning to the communities that live, work and play in their own places. In doing this, citizens feel a connection and understanding of their environment which inspires to create a greater sense of community.

He works in collaboration with architects (building and landscape), property developers, social housing groups, government, corporates, emergency services, arts organisations and retail. Designs are implemented directly into the landscape, often using unique innovative techniques, along with options to create augmented reality apps for mobile devices, which can engage with information on a deeper level along with location and trail mapping.

His work also includes the branding and development of identity and information systems for buildings to create sympathetic modern contemporary solutions that ensure buildings have a coherent, appropriate and desirable approach to environmental and spatial information design making our places more accessible.

Richard is a:
Board director of the International Society of Typographic Designers
RSA Fellow
Academician of the Academy of Urbanism
Associate member of the Landscape Institute
Member of the international Placemaking Leadership Council
Member of the Society of Environmental of Graphic Design


Twitter: @wolfstrome