Connecting to communities in order understand a place can be a complex process.

We engage as many voices as we can, identifying stakeholder groups and finding the best way to engage them in our research process. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Each location, each community, requires its own approach. By tailoring our research workshops to each situation we aim to co-create bespoke solutions to every place making situation.

Because though people and places are full of complexity, what they’re looking for are clear, simple solutions.

Our key skills include:

Adaptive design thinking – working with stakeholders to create an iterative process tailored to each place.

Award-winning design experience – a proven multidisciplinary design approach.

Building strong narratives – experience at understanding the full arc of a place’s story.

Editorial expertise – experience at honing the power of well-chosen words.

Environmental awareness – valuing ethically and sustainable sourced materials along with sound processes.

Openness – we’re a small but enthusiastic team who get a kick out of finding the right affordable solution.

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